Bowery Canal

jude Lives

MFA Photography '23

Jude Lives art is an exploration of theory derived from inner-city economics and semiotics through a lens-based practice. A New York native and world traveler he is personally satisfying his own appetite to be seen – look at me world! See what I’m doing; blending the boundaries of street and fine art while painting a picture a blind person could see – his work has been described as edgy and cherished for pushing boundaries utilizing a multidisciplinary approach.

His interest in photography began at an early age. Raised by a single mother and identifying as a cisgender male has shaped his work, along with race, culture, and inequality. What does it mean to be a man, a black man, living in a world with signs that say you are not welcome here?

Decoding symbols and reintroducing a new message while creating formative images from redundant, ubiquitous signs into art is his Thesis Antithesis.