I AM ON EDGE Card Game

$ 25.00

I AM ON EDGE is a social card game designed to unlock your uncomfortable side and embrace the unknown. Some prompts are personal, some are just plain stupid. Don’t judge us, you wrote them.

From the creative team behind MEET THE EDGE we are proud to introduce the debut product from the I AM ON EDGE collection. Flipping the script on a traditional card game, we set out to challenge conventionality by co-creating with our community in mind. We aim to spark conversation by using our game as a catalyst for moments that leave you on edge. Built on a feeling fueled by relentless curiosity we invite you to experience I AM ON EDGE. Uncomfortable questions for all occasions, just waiting to be answered.

The rules are simple.

The player who reads the prompts is called The Challenger. The game continues clockwise. The Challenger chooses one of the two prompts to read to the next player, if the player answers they get to keep the card. The Challenger gets to fill in the blank with someone in the group. The reverse card changes the direction of play. Simple, alright? Now read it again.


The Card Game
Our card game contains a deck of 100 cards each with two prompts that will certainly make you feel on edge.

- Full Deck of 100 cards
- 190 Prompts
- 5 Reverse Cards

    See more about Grant Plotkin at MEET THE EDGE here