I AM WOMAN: Expressions of Black Womanhood in America

$ 45.00
I AM WOMAN: Expressions of Black Womanhood in America reaches back to Isabel de Olvera who, in 1600, declared herself free from marriage and slavery in a sworn affidavit before an expedition to New Mexico. It stretches forward to the deeply hopeful inauguration of Kamala Harris Vice President of the United States of America in 2021. I AM WOMAN is a triumphant response to centuries of oppression, neglect and abuse. It’s a tribute to the women in America who are not seen, heard, honored or appreciated, yet are always relied upon to support every layer of society. This collection of images and words is an expression of how Black Women in America see themselves. Who they are as individuals in private, in public, as a community and as givers and receivers of ancestral grace.

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