Ohr Judaica

Jared Ijams

MA Philosophy '24


I'm Jared, an observant Jew, barista, student at The New School, and small business owner.

Originally from California, I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in philosophy at The New School, drawn to this institution by my interest in phenomenology and psychoanalysis. My academic journey has been incredibly rewarding, offering me the opportunity to explore the intricate intersections of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality.

Along with my persistent interest in philosophy, my culture and faith have always played a central role in my life. This connection to my heritage led to the creation of Ohr Judaica, a small business dedicated to crafting Judaica items that enhance the performance of mitzvahs. My vision for Ohr Judaica is to make these ritual items not only meaningful but also aesthetically beautiful, bridging the gap between the philosophical concepts I explore in my academic pursuits and the rich religious traditions I hold dear.

My life revolves around the harmonious blend of academic curiosity, cultural and religious dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. I founded Ohr Judaica in order to share the depth and beauty of Jewish observance with a broader audience, and to create a way for me to provide for myself while pursuing my scholastic passions. Whether I'm studying for classes, learning Torah, or cultivating Ohr Judaica’s growth, every aspect of my life is a reflection of my commitment to philosophy, sustainable consumption, and Judaism.

I believe that by making these meaningful items more accessible, I can help others connect with and appreciate the rich traditions of Judaism, fostering a deeper understanding and love for our heritage.