Amazonite & Amethyst Choker

$ 145.00

Organic Classicism Series I

linen/stainless steel, rough amazonite, rough amethyst, gold vermeil rings, vintage abalone button

Hand knit stainless-steel core yarn from Habu Textiles with rough amazonite and amethyst stones and gold vermeil metal ring accents. 14 1/2” total length.

Choker style neckpiece that sits comfortably on the neck, with energies healing and supportive for the throat chakra. Both of the stones used have soothing properties.

Amazonite balances the masculine and feminine, alleviating emotional trauma, worry and fear, while amethyst calms the mind, promoting clarity of thought and supporting intuition.

Gold has a balancing effect on the body, mind and spirit and is good for improving our mental attitude and emotional states. Gold can also help promote an increase in energy, willpower, and mental focus.

Stainless steel has highly protective energies and is associated with the planet Mars, named after the god of war. Therefore, this metal acts as a spiritual armor and is also a great material for people with sensitivities to different metals as people are less prone to react to it.

My favorite things about this piece are the pretty colors and how the linear geometries of the stones, though random, balance and complement each other. An earthy adornment for a grounded touch.

One-of-a-kind piece.

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