Cappuccino/Latte Cup - Black

$ 42.00

After working with 3 of the coffee greats on projects for them

I thought it was time to develop my own coffee cups
and apply that learning to coffee specifically, and the way I drink it.
These 10oz cups are approx 3.25” tall and 3.25” wide

At home, we make a 'poor man's cappuccino', stovetop espresso (AKA a mocha pot), and milk foamed up in a french press. These cups take it to the next level.

Signature to the ‘house style’ they are made of porcelain
glazed only on the inside, and sanded twice on the outside, making them a tactile delight.

FYI a space saving tip for those that need it:
I stack them vertically (sole to sole) so you get 2 cups in the space of one.

Food safe, dishwasher proof, microwave friendly.
Life is for living, not hand washing dishes.

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