Fidget Necklace

$ 45.00

These are fidgets.
I guess they are a riff on a ‘fidget spinner’ for kids,
but more soothing, less disruptive, one handed - and for adults!

If you know my work, you know these are a tactile delight -
satin smooth on the outsides and glazed just on that inner circle.
They give your fingers something to do while your brain is thinking.

They came about by accident when I forgot to attach a handle one time. I glazed and fired it anyway and it came home in my pocket because I just kept fiddling with it. MrSKayeGram saw it on the counter and relived me of it… it now sits on his desk, and is as essential to his work day as his wireless keyboard and his Bose headphones. (I got in trouble when I borrowed it for this photo shoot).

Since then I’ve attached one to my car keys and I really enjoyed the heft and touch of it. A necklace seemed like such an obvious next step.

The leather is a flat chord, approximately 35” in length - thread through a hole in the middle of the fidget. If you would like your necklace shorter, simple pull on the knot and snip the leather to suit you.

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