NY Took My Rat Virginity T-Shirt

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New York Took My Rat Virginity is an ode to the city that never sleeps… as well as the nocturnal vermin that bustle in the streets, making the New York experience one of a kind. You never forget your first rat!



XS : chest 22”-26” width 43cm (17”) height 55cm(22”)

S : chest 26”- 30” width 46cm22(18”) height 61cm(24”)

M : chest 38”-40” width 47cm(19”), Height 71cm(28”)

L: chest 40”-44” width 53cm(21”), height 74cm(29”)

XL: chest 44”-48” width 56cm(22”) height 76cm(30”)

XxL: chest 48”-50” width 63cm(25”) height 78cm(31”) 

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