• HNDSM x Parsons Scented Candle
HNDSM x Parsons Scented Candle

HNDSM x Parsons Scented Candle

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Created as an exclusive collaboration for The New School 


The Inspiration:

Our Tokyo scent is inspired by one’s first trip to Japan. The feeling of experiencing what seems like a parallel universe. Spending that first day in Tokyo is exciting, reminiscent of a major city, yet fundamentally different. 

Spending time in Tokyo is deceivingly familiar; people, trains, food, shops and streets. Yet, every aspect of the experience seems to be executed at a more considered level. People are respectful in a way that allows one’s day to unfold calmly even on a packed train. The streets are clean and the shops are immaculate. To eat well in Tokyo feels more like an emotional journey than an experience born out of necessity. Put simply, it is a pleasure to exist in Tokyo.

185g | 6.5oz | 50 Hour Burn Time



Cedar Leaf, Pink and Black Pepper, Birch, Jasmine

Our Tokyo candle balances a duality. The woody and spicy notes coexist harmoniously with soft floral notes. The candle has a moderate throw; the scent will be present but not dominant in your space.


Joya Studio:

Our candles are created in collaboration with Joya Studio. They are hand-poured in Brooklyn, New York.

All scents are free of phthalates, parabens, and silicone. They are IFRA-compliant and never tested on animals. 

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