• Recycled Plastic Decoration
Recycled Plastic Decoration

Recycled Plastic Decoration

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These hanging decorations are made from recycled single-use plastic and manufactured in a 100% Solar Powered MicroFactory on Governors Island, New York City. Recycled #2 HDPE plastic is collected in multiple hues and melted down in our solar powered rotational molding machine to create these decorations

Each hanging sphere is singularly unique. Colors vary unpredictably from the images shown. Working with recycled plastic makes them truly one of a kind. The sphere will predominately be the color selected with some other colors mixed in depending on the local availability of plastic. Some spheres may have a fresh laundry smell. This fragrance is a pleasant side effect of the laundry bottles from which they are made.


  • Hanging hook included. Great for a festive decoration.

  • Information card included for gifting

  • Size: 4in / 100mm diameter

Your purchase helps us to recycle even more single-use plastic waste that might otherwise be sent to landfills, enter our waterways, or be incinerated. Thank you for helping us keep our planet clean for future generations!

Our products are durable and long-lasting, but if the recycled plastic sphere ever breaks, ship it back to us and we will send you a replacement in a comparable color. The damaged product stays within the Circular Economy by re-entering the Technical Cycle. In other words, it will be recycled and remade into a new product.