Archaea Studios

Kiara Yllescas

MS Strategic Design & Management '25

Kiara Yllescas is a student in the Strategic Design and Management (SDM) program at Parsons. Her journey is one characterized by entrepreneurship, sustainability, and a deep passion for Peruvian artistry. With an innate sense of innovation, Kiara has carved a niche for herself as a digital marketing manager in Kitchener, Ontario. In 2020, Kiara Yllescas founded Archaea Studios, a family-run crochet studio that marries her love for creativity with her commitment to sustainability.

Kiara's dedication to textile sustainability is a core pillar of Archaea Studios. She is acutely aware of the environmental impact of textile production and is committed to reducing this impact by using sustainable materials and production methods. Each piece created by Archaea Studios reflects a harmonious blend of tradition, artistry, and eco-consciousness.

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