Transparency & Accountability
at The New School

The New School has committed to holding itself, its manufacturing partners, and its licensees accountable to a high code of conduct.

Organizations wishing to collaborate and/or license the name and Marks of The New School and subsidiary schools/colleges must be willing to comply with, and ensure their contractors and subcontractors are willing to comply with, the following:

Organizations will protect human dignity and uphold fundamental human rights, social justice, and equal rights for all.

Labor standards are maintained and aligned with international labor standards, protect workers from any acts or forms of discrimination and prohibit forced labor and any forms of child labor.

Organizations will ensure equal opportunity, treatment, and pay for employees regardless of race, color, sex, religion, political opinion, social origin, or any other aspect of identity.

Organizations - including their boards - will maintain labor standards including inclusive hiring and promotion with an unmitigated commitment to inclusion. Demonstrating true diversity.

All wages will be set at a fair level and paid consistently in accordance with prevailing law. Working hours will be maintained within all legal parameters and regulations, and the best possible conditions will be maintained to protect the health and safety of employees. Vendors are required to be Fair Labor Association members.

Organizations will have effective environmental policies in place and will comply with existing regulations, with the aim of creating non-harmful and sustainable products and solutions with minimal waste

Organizations will invest in social impact funds and participate in corporate social responsibility programs.

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