Parsons: BFA Product Design '24

Hello! My name is Margot Wester, I'm from Detroit, Michigan, currently studying product and communication design at Parsons School of Design. My work utilizes playful and imaginative design solutions through both physical and digital mediums. I am inspired by the future of sustainable, ethical, and circular design and seek to work with environmentally progressive companies post-graduation.

As I enter my final year at Parsons I seek to explore how everyday objects and systems can be modified to support our planet’s future. Within the scope of this research project, I plan to investigate how seaweed farming and bioplastics can be combined to create a material alternative in the fashion industry. The majority of our garments are made from a combination of pollution-rich materials that possess a very brief life span that create a permanent impact on our planet’s environment. I intend to explore how our consumer habits can be modified to promote the use of biodegradable options in the interest of lowering our carbon footprint and supporting our planet’s future.

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