Parsons: BFA Product Design  '24

Greetings, I'm Saumya Jain, a rising senior currently immersed in the world of Product Design at Parsons School of Design, located in the vibrant heart of New York City. My journey as a designer has been marked by an unquenchable curiosity, leading me to embrace the profound art of empathy as a cornerstone in my creative process. My educational pursuits have equipped me with the invaluable skills of research, sketching, and prototyping, which I passionately employ to craft products and experiences that resonate with meaning.
In my design philosophy, I place a strong emphasis on striking a harmonious balance between playfulness and interactivity, all while seamlessly incorporating form and functionality. I firmly believe that design has the power to not only captivate and delight but also serve a purpose. My long-term ambition is to channel my creative energy into design, where I can contribute innovative and sustainable solutions to the ever-evolving needs of the 21st century.

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