See Sow

Bhumika Keswani ( Co-Founder of See Sow Kids )

MS Strategic Design & Management '24

Born and brought up amongst a plethora of vibrant textiles in India, Bhumika has a bachelor's in Textile Design from NIFT Gandhinagar. Her textile design work has been largely based on local handicrafts of India and she is currently pursuing her Master’s from Parsons School of Design, NYC in Strategic Design and Management. She has been always actively involved with kids of all age groups and believes adults can learn from kids way more than kids can learn from them.

Kids quickly adapt to what they See, and we as See Sow are here to Sow the seeds of mindfulness in your precious little ones. 

We have an extremely fun and unique way of bringing values like gratitude, compassion through interactive and thoughtful apparel. Our sustainable garments have meaningful prints designed with psychological experts and they utilize organic fabrics and ‘low impact dyes’ that are safe for your little one's skin and our dear planet. Since clothing is an integral part of everyone’s daily life, it has become more important than ever to be conscious of the clothes kids wear and create a positive impact on the kid's mental and emotional wellbeing.


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